Westfield is officially entering Web3 with the introduction of an exclusive NFT gallery on the stunning 100-yard screen in the Oculus at the World Trade Center. As the first of many upcoming series, this exhibition curated by Afrodet Zuri will focus on five female-identifying artists. All featured NFTs will be available for purchase through July 17th directly on Westfield’s digital media network in partnership with Blockparty.

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“Web3 has the potential to be the utopian equalizer that we have all been dreaming of. A shared space where we can all create, participate and elevate art and artists beyond gallery walls or gender/people bias. ‘Her Dreams Realized’ showcases a collective of premier talent and wildly creative imaginations from across the NFT space. These artists do more than create art; they inspire revolutions” – Afrodet Zuri

The Race Talk


Diana Sinclair 

10 Editions, 2 ETH



Emonee LaRussa 




Olive Allen 

8 editions, 4 ETH



Serwah Attafuah

50 Editions, 0.08 ETH



Serwah Attafuah

1 Edition, 2 ETH



Shaylin Wallace

Auction with Reserve of 1 ETH

Happy Doodle


Shaylin Wallace

Auction with Reserve of 1 ETH



Shaylin Wallace

10 Editions, 0.2 ETH


Westfield celebrates the launch of THE DROP, a first-of-its-kind Web3 offering enabling real-time Web3 purchase on the digital screens in our premium place-based environments.

Frequently Asked Questions

The initial sale will take place solely on westfieldnft.com Please confirm you’re on the correct site before connecting your wallet. If the drop is sold out you’ll be able to purchase on the secondary market of your choice that supports trading of Ethereum-based NFTs, such as the 

NFT Protocol DEX.

Of course! Your NFT will appear in your MetaMask wallet and be available for resale on OpenSea or NFT.org shortly after your transaction goes through.

To purchase a piece from the collection, simply hit the ‘Mint Now’ button. Minting is the process of converting digital files into digital assets stored on the blockchain. The NFTs in this collection make use of a process called ‘lazy minting’, meaning that the buyer mints the NFT at the moment of purchase. To ‘mint’ and purchase a movement of mind NFT, you will need to complete the following steps: 

Connect your MetaMask wallet to OpenSea

Fund your MetaMask wallet with ETH if you have not already done so Sign a transaction to confirm your NFT bid NOTE: For an optimal checkout experience, we highly recommend completing your purchase from a desktop browser that supports the MetaMask wallet extension such as Google Chrome. If you would like to purchase on mobile, please download the MetaMask wallet mobile application, connect your wallet, and navigate to this site via the in-app MetaMask browser to complete your purchase.

To set up a MetaMask wallet follow the steps below:


Visit MetaMask.io and select ‘Download’. Select how you want to install the program, on Chrome, iOS, or Android (Chrome browser extension is recommended)

Once you have installed MetaMask, set your password. Choose a strong password and protect it


IMPORTANT: You will then see your 12-word seed phrase. This is a secret recovery key that can be used to restore your account if you get locked out. Write this seed phrase down on paper and keep it safe! If you lose this you are at risk of permanently losing access to your wallet and the contents stored within it. MetaMask is a third-party application and Blockparty is not responsible for nor capable of recovering any NFTs or funds custodied in a MetaMask wallet.

Once you have recorded your seed phrase you will be ready to use MetaMask!

Next, you’ll need to add funds so you can make your purchase. The amount of ETH you should add depends on the price of the NFT you want to buy or bid on. MoonPay enables you to buy 


ETH directly in your MetaMask wallet with a credit or debit card. 

Open your MetaMask wallet and select the ‘Buy’ button

Scroll down to Moonpay and select ‘Continue to MoonPay’ 

Choose the ‘Currency’ and ‘Amount’. The amount of ETH you buy will depend on the price of the NFT. Make sure to add a little bit more to cover the gas fees associated with processing transactions on the blockchain. 


You will be prompted to sign up and create an account with MoonPay if you have not already done so. Follow the prompts to complete the standard KYC onboarding process. This can take a few minutes so we recommend funding your wallet in advance of the drop if you plan to use MoonPay to add funds.


Now enter your wallet address. You can find this under ‘Account Details’ on your MetaMask profile. Copy to clipboard and paste it in the field. 


Once you confirm, MoonPay will automatically connect your MetaMask account address.

All of the NFTs from this collection are minted on Ethereum.

Of course! You can bid on as many as you would like.

Set a reminder for the day the collection goes live. Make sure you’ve installed and set up a MetaMask wallet and purchased or sent enough ETH to cover the cost of the piece(s) you want to bid on as well as any gas fees required to transact, and you should be good to go!